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Shop 6, 57 Musk Ave

Kelvin Grove Village

Kelvin Grove

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Tel: (07) 3839 2002




Sun: Closed

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Tue: 9:00-6:00

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Permanent Makeup


Cosmetic Tattooing

Eyebrow Feather/Hairstroke/Shading 120 mins $600

Upper Eyeliner 70 mins $475

Lower Eyeliner 60 mins $450

Upper and Lower Eyeliner 110 mins $825

Upper Lash Enhancement 50 mins $425

Lower Lash Enhancement 50 mins $425

Upper and Lower Lash Enhancement 90 mins $750

Multiple Area’s in one sitting POA

Tweak within 8 weeks Complimentary

Tweak after 8 weeks POA



A non-refundable 25% deposit is required for all cosmetic tattoo treatments at the time of booking your appointment.

Your deposit will come off your treatment.

If you are unable to attend your appointment a full 48 hours notice must be given to enable a full refund or transfer to a future appointment.

Cosmetic Tattooing Information

Cosmetic Tattooing eliminates having to apply makeup each morning and allows you to sleep, swim and exercise without the worry of smudging.

Cosmetic Tattooing uses pigments which are permanent but the colour will fade over a certain period of time, in most cases clients find they will have their tattoo retouched again between 12 months to 3 years depending on lifestyle and area they had treated.


When the procedure has just been performed the colour will look strong, but this will fade back to a more natural-looking colour as the tattoo heals over the first 2 weeks. Clients will normally lose 20%-60% of this intense colour depending on the area being treated and their skin type.

We use pain control methods to alleviate any discomfort. Every person has a different pain threshold, most clients find it more of a discomfort.

It is generally the same procedure as body tattooing but we use a lighter, quieter machine called a rotary pen and pigments instead of ink.

There are hundreds of pre-mixed colours and more can be created by mixing colours together. Cosmetic Tattoo Pigment Colours have been created softer for use on the face.

Permanent Eyebrow Shaping – Feather Touch / Hair Stroke / Shading

We have been specializing in the art of Brow Shaping for over 8 years now and have acquired an incredible level of skill in cosmetic tattooing that complements our existing Brow Shaping treatment


The day of your treatment before we start tattooing  we perform a thorough consultation to discuss what shape, thickness and colour you desire.

We then talk through possible shapes, thickness and colour options we recommend for your brows that will best flatter your facial features and what we are able to achieve with permanent makeup.

Then we take our time to design  and perfect the brow shape that best suits your individual facial shape  and work with what you as the client want to achieve. We will either use Shading, Hair strokes or feathering to create the illusion of natural eyebrow hair. We don’t do block colour tattooing that looks obvious and fake.

We do a complimentary tweak session up to 8 weeks after your treatment so that we can achieve perfection.


Eyelash Enhancement

We place small dots between your lash line between your lashes so that your lashes appear thicker and more luscious, helps enhance missing, thin or light lashes   

Ideal for those who don’t want a makeup look, but want permanent definition.


Smudge Proof Eyeliner

We  tattoo a solid line, varying thickness and design depending on whether you want more balance, or to open the eye area.

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